Case study/GoPro


The Challenge
GoPro isn’t just creating a new brand, it’s creating a new product category. As a private company with no outside funding for several years, every bootstrapped marketing dollar has been precious. GoPro has needed to generate not only direct sales but also retail sales in order to build distribution.

The Insight
GoPro isn’t a camera brand. It’s a content creation brand. A customer-centric engagement brand. GoPro allows you to document your life at its most exciting with professional-level video… whenever and wherever you choose… and then share this with anyone you want.

The Solution
While our negotiating skills save GoPro up to 60% vs. general advertising rates, we need to also actively engage the right people — not just reach them. That’s where Hybrid Media™ makes the difference by efficiently placing GoPro’s DR messaging in TV programming which top prospects truly want to watch.

We uncover innovative, brand-building media opportunities including target-rich special events and sponsorships which have added 15% in total media weight at no extra cost to our client. These include ESPN’s Sports Center (prime time, no less), Tosh.O, Formula One Racing and more.

The Results
GoPro gained national distribution at key retailers in 2011. Founder/CEO Nick Woodman was featured on the cover of Inc. in February, 2012. GoPro has rocketed to almost $600MM in sales in just six years to become the leader in its category and possibly the fastest growing camera company in the world.

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