Case study/Oxi Clean

Case study/Oxi Clean

The Challenge
Does the world truly need yet another household cleaning product? With so many other choices readily available on supermarket shelves everywhere, why should anyone buy Oxi Clean?

The Insight
We needed to make Oxi Clean exciting and attention-worthy to stand out from the competition in this dull, overcrowded, “me too” category. We needed to make Oxi Clean special.

The Solution
We used the engaging, entertaining and energetic Billy Mays as the Oxi Clean spokesman to conduct compelling (and often unexpected) product demonstrations combined with Calls-To-Action which offered unique product formulations.

The Results
The highly successful Oxi Clean brand was essentially created by this DRTV campaign. During 1998-2003, $24MM in direct revenue was generated with an excellent MER (Media Efficiency Ratio) of 1.45. Retail sales increased as well. Billy Mays became a familiar presence in almost every household.

To capitalize further upon Oxi Clean’s success, line extensions were introduced including Kaboom, Orange Glo and Orange Glo Furniture Polish. DRTV drove more than $250MM in sales… and parent company Orange Glo International was sold for $325MM to Church & Dwight in 2006.

“In producing our OxiClean show, Cesari Direct really helped us to refine our own ideas and product demonstrations. They continued to think creatively throughout the whole production making our show better than we expected.”

-Joel Appel, Co-Founder & Former President of Orange Glo International – Makers of OxiClean, Orange Glo and Kaboom

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