Case study/Rug Doctor

Case study/Rug Doctor

The Challenge
How do you sell a top-of-the-line rug cleaner for an eye-popping $600 when there are so many other lower-priced alternatives?

The Insight
Based upon repeated experience, we know that a high price per se is not an insurmountable challenge. Perceived value is the key. And there is no better way to demonstrate value than to show consumers exactly what they’re going to get for their hard-earned money.

The Solution
We added as much perceived incremental value as possible to Rug Doctor via highly compelling demonstrations and testimonials – two of the fundamental tools of response which Cesari Direct knows how to use so well. We proved that this expensive machine is in fact worth the money.

The Results
Rug Doctor enjoyed a 15% lift in retail sales during the first year of this effort. Website sales jumped +114% vs. year ago… and these sales alone covered the total advertising budget. Our client’s net profits were the highest in more than five years. And Rug Doctor is still one of our most valued clients.

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