Case study/Silk’n

Case Study/Silk’n



Our Client
Silk’n markets a line of high quality devices for hair removal and skin rejuvenation including Flash & Go, SensEpil and FaceFX. Using proprietary light-pulse technology originally developed at Silk’n’s global headquarters in Tel Aviv and first used commercially in Israel, these products have been approved for sale to consumers in the U.S. and Canada.

The Challenge
Silk’n had been running a campaign developed by another agency that was not meeting goals for response and efficiency. Silk’n turned to Cesari Direct to help get this important initiative on track.

The Insight
Based on our experience, there was significant room for improvement in both the creative strategy and the principal photography of the campaign. We knew in order to be successful, the brand had to be presented in the most sincere, credible manner and a strong offer value had to be presented.

The Solution
After evaluating the first round of test results from the previous agency, and through financial analysis with Silk’n, their call center, and their online marketing team, we identified a breakeven and rollout level Multi-Channel Media Efficiency Ratio™ (MCMER™). We then re-wrote, re-shot and re-edited the campaign. We incorporated a new approach to the sales argument, added new lifestyle footage and completely reworked the Call To Action (CTA).

The Results
Our modifications are already generating better results than the previous tests. The initial breakeven goal was immediately achieved and the focus of the campaign turned to maximizing profitability. Continued analysis and management of the campaign has resulted in full rollout and the client now has their desired “DRTV engine” driving all of their channels of distribution including their brick and mortar retail. Rollout continues, media levels continue to scale, and 2013 looks to be a promising year for Silk’n!

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