Case study/Valvoline

The Challenge
In the early 2000s, Ashland, Inc., makers of Valvoline branded products, bought a niche car appearance brand out of Southern California, named Eagle One in the hopes of invigorating the brand. As in so many other categories, there was already a vast oversupply of competitive cleaners, polishers and waxes for your car. So… why buy Eagle One?

The Insight
We discovered that many car owners were unwilling to clean their cars themselves (or do so more often) because they perceived the process as tedious and too time-consuming.

The Solution
We chose car-world celebrity Adrienne Janic as our Eagle One spokesperson. With her captivating energy and down-home charm, Adrienne demonstrated how Eagle One’s revolutionary ingredients with “Nanotechnology” made the car cleaning process much easier, faster and more effective.

The Results
After three previous years of lackluster performance, Eagle One’s sales grew +37%. In fact, leading automotive after-market retailer Autozone (8,000+ stores nationwide) named Eagle One as its 2008 “Comeback Brand of the Year” and credited the brand’s DRTV effort for this dramatic turnaround.

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