Notable past clients

We’ve also had the good fortune to build the businesses and brands of other top marketers, including some of America’s best known companies. Here are just a few.

We’ve helped to create major brands from scratch and big pay days for our clients. Orange Glo International (the maker of Oxi Clean, Orange Glo and Kaboom) was sold to Church & Dwight in 2006 for $325MM. Sonicare was the main reason why parent Optiva Corp. commanded a $320MM purchase price from Phillips Electronics. Most recently, Clarisonic (created by Sonicare’s former management team) was sold to L’Oreal for $471MM in July, 2012.

For Orange Glo International, we created the first infomercials featuring the phenomenally successful Billy Mays… and then built upon that success for many years.

Our first infomercial for The George Foreman Grill was one of the most successful ever. We then created more than ten infomercials for this brand and helped it achieve the widespread retail presence which it enjoys today. There’s a “George Foreman Department” in major housewares retailers like Macy’s.

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