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Our founder and CEO Rick Cesari knows first-hand the immense brand-building power of DRTV. He saw how DRTV transformed his own brand Juiceman Juicer from $500,000 to $30,000,000 in direct sales… and ultimately to $75,000,000 after expanding into retail. Juiceman Juicer became the first major national brand created by DRTV. It has generated many millions in wealth for its investors.

This experience led to Rick creating Cesari Direct in 1993 where he has built a culture of hands-on, entrepreneurial people and where senior executives work directly on clients’ campaigns.

Our Creative Director Ron Lynch shares Rick’s client-side experience. In addition to his many creative contributions to our clients, Ron has also been an investor/owner in successful brands built by DRTV including Total Trolley (Ladders & Tools), Light Relief, Ultimate Chopper, Pure Pro Air Purifiers, Softlux Pillows and more.

We really do know what it’s like to be a client… how to think like a client… and what it’s like to be you. This knowledge helps all of us to quickly cut through to the key issues, work even more effectively together, drive sales and build brands.


We can help.

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